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  • Patentability/Novelty search and analysis of an invention involves searching of prior art documents against the invention. Patentability search gives insight about the invention novelty. A typical Patentability search report includes the citations close to the elements of the invention.

The patentability search report offers many benefits. It helps:

  • In assessing the strength of the invention

  • To take informed decisions with respect to filing a patent application, thereby saves massive cost

  • To scope the claims (while drafting)

Patent Validation / Invalidation Search

  • A Patent Validity Search or Patent Invalidity Search is an exhaustive prior-art search conducted to counter the claims of the patent. Invalidity search provides the first line of defence against the granted claims that might be stopping an organization to exercise its business. The search is aimed at identifying references that may challenge the validity of the claims of the subject patent. The invalidity search report includes the comprehensive analysis of the closest references that affects the novelty and/or obviousness of the invention claimed in the subject patent.

The Validity/ Invalidity report offers several benefits. It helps:

  • In assessing the strength/ value of the claimed invention

  • The third party can abstain itself from future litigations

Freedom to Operate (FTO)/ Clearance Search & Analysis

  • Core objective of FTO search and analysis is to determine the freedom of operation or commercialization of a product in a specific geography without patent infringement. Comparative analysis of relevant patents and the key features of the product in specific geography provides insightful remarks regarding the chances of patent infringement.

The FTO search report offers the following benefits:

  • Helps in identifying the closest patents that might be infringed with the launch of the product

  • Helps is assessing the licensing opportunities

Infringement Analysis

  • Infringement refers to the violation of legal rights of the patent by a third party. In an infringement search, the product infringing on the claims is identified. Analysis of claims versus accused product(s) is performed by analysts who brings years of experience in infringement. Our team of highly experienced technical experts provides the Claim Charts and Evidence of Use (EOU) from the ocean of data.

The Infringement search report offers the following benefits:

  • Helps in identifying the products infringing the claim(s) of the subject patent

  • Helps in drafting the support documents for filing an infringement case

Landscape Search

  • A patent landscape search is an exhaustive and thorough analysis of patents to obtain all the particulars of a specific technology sector. The key particulars of the sector include main filing focus, major components in the technology, major players in the sector, trends these players follow and other additional details. The search is conducted to identify all the relevant prior-art in the technology sector leaving no stone unturned to extract the most useful information, helpful for the clients to strategize their Research and Development and IP strategies. We provide the exhaustive Patent Landscape Searches and even extend to identify the relevant Non-Patent Literature as well for obtaining further insights and further strengthening the strategies.

The Landscape Search report offers the following benefits:

  • Helps in obtaining every detail of the technology sector

  • Helps in identifying the Whitespaces in the technical fields

  • Helps in gaging the speed and level of development of the technology

  • Helps in identifying the set of major players/ scientists/ academic institutions in the technology sector

  • Helps in identifying the major and most advanced technology documents of the domain

Patent Drafting

For a patent life cycle, drafting of a patent application is a critical step. Drafting of the patent application is the process of writing a description of an invention what an inventor(s)/assignee(s) has invented and sought a protection. As a practice, our attorneys collaborate with the inventors, and understands the invention in detail and distinguishes features of the invention from prior art disclosures. Based on the invention information and distinguished features, the attorney begins drafting of patent application, Drafting includes preparation of drawings along with description thereof and all plausible embodiments of the invention. The high quality patent application maximizes returns to the inventor/assignee.

Dedicated patent attorney team having extensive experience and advanced degrees in various technological spaces drives an efficient drafting of patent. The team combines legal skill with the technological knowledge/understanding to translate the invention into the meticulously crafted and highly defendable patent rights. Our experienced team will give you the edge you need to stay ahead and stand out from the crowd.

Patent Filing

The drafted patent applications are filed in India/PCT and other jurisdictions. Also, team manages filing of Request for Examination, Request of Publication, hearings etc..


The patent is techno-legal document hence response of an observation from the patent office requires a thorough understanding of patent law, drafted invention and cited prior art documents. Our prosecution attorneys assess the received observation and prepares the response to the patent office. The response generally includes necessary amendments in the patent claims and/or arguments pointing out the distinction between the cited documents and the invention. The team has extensive experience in prosecuting patent applications and preparation of high quality responses to be filed in different jurisdictions.